Monday, December 6, 2010

Good Morning everyone.

It was almost three o'clock when I started to write this post. I felt tired today actually and not really into writing this post but I have something to share here. It is not about specific person but it is simply about people. I used to think about sharing my personal life with other people by means of status or testi that can be posted in many social-networking websites. But, I simply refrained from doing that, perhaps because I do not really like writing. One of my goodfriends used to tell me that he does like to update status in every single thing he does because he believes that we have some private stuff that we do not need to share with all people. I agreed with him in some aspects. This trend seems to be increasing in many parts of the world (I simply mentioned this without looking at the statistic :p) Sometimes, I did ask myself some questions related to people behaviour (this does not mean that I do not look my own behaviour and attitudes). From what I could see is some people really like to share LOTs of things about their life in internet. From my perspective, some of the status seemed to be meant to show off. I did not purely say that this is true but perhaps I am right in some points. What is actually we want when mention something related to our life? Sharing, Revenge, Avenge, Attention or other intention? Name it!!! In some points in our life, we may feel that we wanted to do something to have attention from other people. It seemed to be good in some aspects because when we express our feeling especially when we are depressed, it would help to relieve or at least reduce the level of it. In some other aspects, it may develop attitude of grandiosity or narcistic (I simply used these words even though in most of the cases, it would not develop to these level). Some questions should we answer when we do something. (1) What is the purpose of doing that? (2) Is it neccessary? (3) Will it affect people perception toward us?

Other things that I would like to mention here in relation to "show off" word stated above is our attitude. Some people like to share about what they have in open social network. Think twice before we do this. We may have "things" to show off but do not think that we are the only one can afford that. There are a lot of people out there who are ten or 1000 times richer than you are, but they do not do such things. You may get everything you want but do you really appreciate it? My parents thought me to work for what we wanted in life. In primary school for example, I did not get Game Boy because I only managed to get 3 A 1 B and 1C in final examination. We were trained to collect money to get something we wanted and we appreciated from what we gained and got. Life is like a song. Everyone has their own song. They way of singing would determine your expression. In life, how much you get is no more important from how many things you can appreciate and be grateful of what we have. Life is also about perception. We may think that we are rich enough when we have 100 000 USD but other people who have 1 000 000 000 USD may not think the same way. Let's learn how to appreciate and be humble. This is simply my thought and one of many resolutions that I want to achieve this new year. I am not perfect at all to give comments to other people, simply my sharing session :) I did that sometimes. hehehehe .....I believe that everyone has their own reason for any single step taken in their life. It is up to us to choose or own pathway. Look forward and be confident :)

PS: Sharing is not always caring, friends. It may develop other feeling as well sometimes - hate.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

SNAP cafe

I had some difficulties in finding the right plca for my dinner last night because it was late when i went out... I asked Sid Midsui for recommendation, thanks for her even I did not go there. By the way, this is a cafe that I used to go before but only for snacks and chocolate. This time I went there for dinner.

This is the range of the prices:

Appetizer: Rp 15 000 - 20 000
(Shrimp coctail Salad, Caesar Salad, etc)
Vegetarians: Rp 14 500 -Rp 18 000
(Mushroom Satay, Vegetarians Fried Rice, etc)
Soups: Rp. 10 000 - Rp. 28 000
(Crab Asparagus Soup, Snap Tom Yam Talay Soup, etc)
Indonesians Delight: Rp. 16 000 - Rp. 30 000
(Selat Solo, Balinees Fried Rice,etc)
International Classic: Rp. 23 000 - Rp. 30 000.
(Spaghetti Napollietan, Chicken Gordon Blue, etc)
Fresh From the Grille: Rp. 17 000 -Rp 85 000.
(Australian Tenderloin Steak, Sukiyaki Roll, Grilled Australian Lamb loin, etc)
Dessert: Rp 8 000 - Rp. 20 000
(Tiramisu, Pudding, etc)
Burger and Sandwich: Rp 15 000 - Rp 30 000.
(Lasagna, Multi Decker Sandwich, Beef Burger, etc:
Other's or Lights Snacks: Rp 9 000 - Rp 23 000.
(Chicken Wings, French Fries, etc:
Drinks: less than Rp 20 000

This is again my solo tour in culinary aspect. I hope I can provide a piece of info to others.

Here are some pictures:

A cup of Hot Chocoloate :) I really like chocolate :)

Grilled Sirloin Steak with Mushroom. I like steak as well and the art of using fork and spoon :) You can choose other sauce......

Very comfy sofa :)

My table.

We can watch movie together here. One of the hang out place. I watched Julia Robert film here last night :)

If you like to spend time alone, here is also one of the best place. Not so many people around and you can choose your place: open air, indoor with many types of sofa and views :)

I think the taste is good and worth it!!