Sunday, January 30, 2011


I always sleep late nowadays. Perhaps because I have no other classes to attend except for my OSCE traning in the evening. This week is going to be the last week for my OSCE training, guided by the assistant. For this post, I would like to share something about appreciation. Last Saturday, when I went back from gym, I passed by Pizza Hut located in JAKAL. This made me feel like having dinner there on that night but the problem was, I had ordered 2 pieces of chickens and two eggs for my dinner and supper. Luckily, I was able to cancel one chicken and one egg, so that, I could spend my dinner time outside. I made up my mind to go Amplaz alone that evening, looking and hoping to get something for room. After I bought something there, I went to Pizza Hut located in Jalan Solo. I simply order Quadza and Milo Iced with float there. When I got my drink, I noticed that the taste was not the same as what I got when I ordered the same thing but in different Pizza Hut few days before. I told myself to keep my hair on and gently called the waiter, telling him about the water and asked him to change. He asked me to shake the drink first and I directly did what I was asked to do but the taste remained the same. He asked me to wait. Few minutes later, he brought a cup of sugar and apologized for their mistakes. In my opinion, this kind of solution was cat's whiskers to me. Instead of bringing the drinks back to the kitchen, he brought a cup of sugar to me. This would prevent two things psychologically. First, other customer won't suspect that there was any problem because he did not bring my glass that was still full back to the kitchen. Secondly, he gave me the sugar, so that I could determine how much I need. This situation may seem to be chickenfeed, but I'd really appreciate those simple things. The most important thing for me is how professional or how good are you in performing your job no matter what kind of job are you doing.

I went back to my home then after that, and went out again to buy some stuffs. It was about 11 30 pm that time when I reached Indomaret. I bought two things: two oreo biscuits and a bottle of Dentol. The person in-charged seperated the thing into two different plastic bags and I really happy for what he's doing because he knew what to do with the thing - chemical should be seperated with food. Again, two examples given above might sound boring but the main idea here is to tell that I really appreciate the small things. Instead of doing one big thing, I prefer two small things. For example, sms is a common communication tools nowadays. I always wonder, everytime when I replied people sms for helping them about something, what was the reaction. Simply, magic words such as ' TQ' is more than enough for me. It's child's play maybe but need some training. I am not a good person is replying because I always delay it. I must admit about that, but my concern is the reaction not the duration. Everyone forsure dreaming of having day in the sun (idiom).

This is another story belong to my good friend. He told me that when he started to get involved in relationship, he really thought that his girlfriend did amazing things because she could notice and appreciate simple things and that was one of my friend's reason why he was attracted to her. For me, this does not apply only to couple relationship, but in all relationship. In sharing those words, made me feel like a Barrack-room lawyer but I am sure that everyone had their thought. So, I really hope that I can be someone who can appreciate the simple things. I better catch some z's now because I need to wake up early today.

PS: Expectation does not come first, but the effort that we put to reach it.

Ball is in your court ... .(idiom)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

C'est la vie!

Alhamdulillah, I have just finished my final exam today. I feel relief but still have a pile of works to be done. C'est la vie! I felt bushed today but I still need to work on my thesis publication. I am planning to submit my thesis tomorrow for final revision before the graduating paper publication, so, again I need to burn the candle at both ends but it is ok for me. I'd rather have a hectic life because idle hands are the devil's handiwork . Now, I just need to get the ball rolling so that everything will go with the flow. Remedial, OSCE and Graduation stuffs are all in my lists but not in an apple pie order. Hopefully, everything will go smooth for everyone.

I would like to thank my thesis mate for your support, cooperation as well as your hard work. I really appreciated it and at last we did our thesis exam in January.

Sid, me and Farah

Post Exam Discussion (Zati and me)

Thesis mate and Examiners

Thanks Zati for the pictures and sorry for simply taking without your greenlight :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The best of me

Today, I woke up early and started to study for my last exam of my entire 3 and the half year course. For the past few weeks I have been thinking about one thing. I just wanna give the best of me for my final year in theory. There is no time to waste here nor energy to waste for unimportant things. I did think about what some people said about this and that related to many things that sometimes disturb part my my life. Yes, everyone has their own thought about every single thing but sometimes you could not simply say something that is just based on your opinion because we do not ever know what people are doing behind us. Maybe we are taking the same course but we have different problems and perspectives. So, sometimes I simply ignore the issue or but most of the time I get offended. This is me, the most sensitive person ever hahahah. I am sensitive but only to myself so what?

I did have my pleasure time forsure but I need to maintain my energy level and direct it to the right place and stop thinking and emiting negative energy to the people around me. Everyone has their own problem even though they seemed to be happy to us. The management of the problem is much more important to us. So, lets pray the best for us. I wish all the best for all my friends and batchmates for our final semester. Hopefully, we can get through all the obstacles that we have been gone through for the past three and the half here in medical field.

Ujibakat AF9-Fairuz Hidayah

This post is dedicted to my sweet sister, Fairuz. I seriously think that she has a big talent in singing. We both like singing but I must admit that her voice is better than me and more versatile. We always spend time together in the kareoke box or what ever people wanna call it (because some people called it as "Jamban" - kalo suara sdp nk kutuk org karox kat box takpe gak, ni nyanyi la kat hotel 5 bintang pn tapi suara?? errrkkkk) when I am back in Malaysia. She has always give her best support to me, so this is the time for me to give my best. I really appreciate this unique talent and I know she can succeed one day. Amin. Wish her best of luck and let's enjoy this...

Friday, January 14, 2011


For this post, I would like to describe cafe that is located in Jalan Kaliurang, KM 7. As usual, every single cafe that I visit in Jogjakarta, forsure has their own characteristics. Based on the name itself, we could see that Noir is one of million French words. The meaning of Noir is black. In relation to the name given, this cafe has French cafe concept. Garden chair and parket floor are the examples of the characteristics. This cafe is suitable for many purposes. You can simply drop over here for hang out or perhaps for a meeting. For a meeting, you can simply book the second floor and your privacy will be guaranteed but you must have 15 people to book the whole section. For the food, they a lot of snacks such as pancake, mushroom soup as well as the three musketeers. Curious about the last menu mentioned? Just come and enjoy your evening or night at this cafe with easy listening music background. If you are about to up date your knowledges about fashion, the latest trends and others you can grab the magazines available there. Basically, they provide a lot of magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, and etc. Drinks are special as well. You may try Oreo Blizz that consists of espresso, white chocolate and Oreo Blizz that are blended together. Other specialty include the coffee-making technique. Basically, the use pure coffee bean to make it. Moreover, the presentation is quite different as well because on the top of the coffee drink, you may find many pattern of drawing. Games such as Uno and Poker can also be found there for entertainment.

Coffee bean, ready to be grinded.

The enterance and bookshelves

French concept

Menu and the special feature of coffee can be seen in the menu

Fresh milk and Juice: The glass is big

The author

For those who are interested to spend your time here, you can visit this cafe located in Jakal Km7 no 12B.
(0274) 885246

Monday, January 10, 2011


Dedicated to my friend, Nasrul Ghazali.

The unique ceilings

This is another place to spend your time with your friends. The interior design is very creative. There are a lot of paintings on the wall that can inspire you. If you really like put your heart into it, you probably can sense the story behind that. At the back, there is a big and beautiful garden. If it is not raining outside, it is one of the fovourite part to spend for romantic dinner. At the enterance, we can find Mercedes car that is placed in a very strategic place as one of the objects that would probably catch your eyes. At the second floor, the concept is a bit different. If you probably love a experience Javanese environment, you can spend your dinner or lunch there with Javanese music background. This special space is created by wood and really have the traditional concept. This building has its own history. Previously, this beautiful mansion was constructed for office. Dedicated to their beloved child.

Their specialty are steaks and Sup Ekor. The range of the food is Rp 14 000 - Rp 54 000 and the beverage range is Rp 8 000 - Rp. 30 000.

The first plate to give a comment is Bruschetta.

This consists of Garlic bread with Tomato, Beef, Corn and Cheese. The taste was good. We can taste the cheese and it is quite spicy.

Chicken Parmagiana
Breaded Chicken Tender with pasta Sauce , Potatoes and Melted Cheese. There is not much to criticize but we think it was not that bad.

Nasi Goreng Sea Food (Sea Food Fried Rice)
Stir Fried Rice with Chili Paste, Chicken, Egg and Crackers. I do not really like it because the taste is somehow dull and the ingredients used was too less to be tasted.

Spagheeti Bolognese
Pasta with Beef Tangy Tomato and Cheese. Basically the sauce was tasty but the pasta was fragile.

Milk shake.

The garden with Bonsai.

Traditional house with great architecture.

The Garden

The first floor. Decorated with paintings and plants.

The entrance: We can find Mercedes here!

The next masterchef (runner-up hehehe)

( The next top model? Just Ignore it )

By the way, thanks to Fatin Maziah for accompany :) Alhamdulillah it was opened for the second visit .....

Sarang Es

Hye, friends. For this post, I would like to share about one of the hang out place that you can find not only drinks and snacks but food as well to feed your empty stomach. Basically, this restaurant sells a lot of foods including local foods such as 'nasi uduk komplit and 'nasi rames ikan pindang', steamboat, chicken Gordon Blue and many more. For snacks, they provide apple pie and wafel French fries.

Local dessert which has local names can also be found there such as 'es rindu' and 'es pelangi'. Drinks? for sure just like typical cafe, you still can find your fovourite drinks here such as coffee latte Con Panna, Choco Dance Ice Blended, Hot heaven Milk Choco, and Espresso Machiato. Perhaps, once in a blue moon, do try javaese traditional drinks here :)

The range of the food is Rp 2 500 - Rp 20 000 and Rp. 1 000 - Rp 25 000 for the drinks.

Second floor ....

The dessert: from left: Wonderful Ice Cream, Es Roti Coklat, and Es Dawet.

Comment: The Ice-cream is definitely nice, but the chocolate bread with ice was not superior than the former. Es Dawet was not that bad.

A collection of magazines and games can also be found here to release your tension.

For those who are interested, you can visit this place that is located in Jl, Barbasari 40 A (0274 4332605), Yogyakarta. or its branch in Jl. C. Simanjuntak No.77 Yogyakarta (0274 554891).

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lekker Cafe

"Hang out place in Jogjakarta"

The title above is given for my new year posts for cafe. This is what I'd loved to do simply like what my bestie, Fatin Maziah said, I love cafe. :) Let's start with my first visit to cafe just before the new year, on 30th of December, 2010: Lekker Cafe. I must admit that I love this cafe because of the environment.

This cafe has different concept from other cafe because as we can see from the pictures below, there are a lot photos on the wall including Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Harley Davidson, and many mores. Books can also be found there. So, we can simply spend our time there for reading. For other decorations, we can find drum sets and phonograph record sets. The drinks range between Rp. 6,000 - Rp. 30 000 and the snacks range between Rp 8 500 - Rp 13 000.

For those who like to visit and have a cup of Joe here, you can go to this sweet Lekker cafe located in Cik Di Tiro No 22.

A few games are provided there in case you are running out of idea of what you would like to do :)

Books and Drum sets :)