Saturday, September 10, 2011


Incapable of doing something when we are asked for help is not the only reason that can we give. Sometimes, it not about we are brave enough to face thing, but our presence are really helpful somehow. Facing things together would strengthen our bond and make ourselves to become more brave. I had many experiences related to this and I am sure you do have lots to mention too, but let me share with you about my recent one. I had a problem in my room to chase 'thing' in my room. It had been found for many times in my room. When I asked one of my friend to help me, he immediately said ok. He said that he is afraid too but it is ok. That moment make myself feel a bit relieved even the thing is still in my room. At least I did not feel that I was alone to face that creature. We took quite sometimes to get rid of it. Kept alert most of the times and even ran out of my room when the thing approaching us. Lots of strategies had been thought by us during that hour. Finally we called other friend for help and he removed it in just 5 mineutes. Perhaps this is not that interesting for some people, but I hope that I can always apply that concept in my life.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I feel quite lazy today to study.. I just came back from my hometown JB and just got to eat at 6 pm in the evening because I was too lazy, sleepy and tired (since I need to clean up my messy room). I do not have mood to start reading forensic material for my new station starting from tomorrow. I don't even have the text book for forensic. It is going to be a month-station, so I should start doing and finding resources for one of my favourite subjects. Forensic has become one of my interest since years ago because the art and science behind that is unique to me. I have been reading forensic book since high school, the books that were bought by my parents. Hopefully this new department would teach me a lot because I am quite scared to deal with the dead. Let's pray so that god would guide us to the things that would give us happiness and prosperity and blessed life .

Why forensic is so interesting to me?

I'll use one example.. Look at the picture posted below. What is that?

Finger print.

Now try to answer some questions of mine:
a. Is it belong to child or adult finger print?
b. How long it has been left there after it is deposited on the surface?

a. children
b. might be less than 24 hours but still depend on other factors such as humidity, temperature and etc..

How do we know that it is belong to children? Of course it not simply to differentiate by physical measure but we need some chemical measures too.. Basically, the content of children fingerprints consist of low long chain of fatty acid esters. It consists of much higher concentration of fatty acid that are not esterified. In contrast, adult fingerprint consists of higher concentration of long chain fatty acid esters that are subjected to lower volatility. Moreover, the concentration of surface lipid cholesterol is higher in children due to the secretion by epidermis. In adult, the lipid surface consists of higher level of cholesterol esters that are primarily secreted from sebaceous gland that are markedly increases after puberty. There are a lot of info related to this but I only managed to mention a few....